Twilight Survival Server Rules

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Twilight Survival Server Rules

Post by Erika_The_Gamer on Tue Oct 13, 2015 7:48 pm

The rules listed below are expected of all players and staff. Every player will be treated equally. There are no excuses for breaking any rules. No one -whether they are a donor, player, close friend, or staff- will be punished less harshly for breaking the rules. Punishment for breaking the rules can range from kicking, muting, jailing, temporary banning to a permanent ban. The rules are listed in the following:

1. No form of spamming that aggravates any other player is allowed. Spamming can be considered many things. It can be used to bully, annoy, or advertize. Anything said more than three times in a row in the private or public chat is considered spamming. The excessive use of the /me command or colored chat is also considered spamming. One tricky form of spam is repetitive relogging. A player may not relog more than 10 times in the same minute. The forms of spamming mentioned up to now are punishable by kicking, muting, and -if things get out of hand- jailing. Advertisement is the act of giving away the I.P. of another server. It is not allowed under any circumstance. This is punishable by a temporary or permanent ban.

2. Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated in my server. This is a place for people to work together and have fun, not the opposite. What I consider bullying on this server is the following: calling someone an offensive name (Ex. bitch, fucker, slut, etc.), threatening someone or telling someone to go die, asking someone a question that would make one feel uncomfortable or trying to sexualize someone, (this is for staff) punishment without proof, and using special privileges to ruin another player's server experience. Bullying, abuse, and harassment are punishable by a temporary or permanent ban.

3. No form of griefing will be tolerated. Griefing includes stealing from a player's chest, stealing a player's animals, mining blocks from someone's house or property, building trash block towers and leaving them, placing lava and water where you shouldn't, and placing signs on random blocks.

4. Do not let any staff catch you using hacks or exploits. If you absolutely have to use hacks and exploits do to a lack of skill with a super addictive game, just don't make it obvious you use them.

5. Do not post a link to any explicit sites or curse excessively. This is punishable by muting, temporary banning, and permanent banning.

6. Do not try to kill players without their permission. There is a PvP plugin installed so that stronger players aren't assholes to the weaker ones. C'mon guys, you should know this.

7. Most importantly, make sure to have fun on the server. This is a friendly place where you can be yourself and speak freely. No one will judge you here (they had better not) for any reason. This is a place where you can embrace being unique and having different tastes, talents, dreams, and personalities.

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